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About MoneyNama

MoneyNama is the one-stop shop for news, views and opinion on investing, saving, and achieving financial independence. Founded in 2018, it aims to provide resources and hand-holding for those who're dipping their feet in the financial markets for the first time. MoneyNama will host several free courses which will allow people to understand how the stock market and investing works.

MoneyNama will also focus on wealth creation through saving and frugality. We believe wealth creation has two parts -- investing, and just as importantly, saving. MoneyNama will provide tips, tricks and motivation to save money in your daily life.

And finally, MoneyNama hopes it will help its readers on their journeys towards being financially independent. There's no better feeling than leaving the rigmarole of a 9-to-5 job, and leading your life on your own terms. It's not easy, but with patience, some smarts, and the right strategy, it's very much possible. MoneyNama will hope to show you how.

Stock Market Investing

Learn how to invest in stock markets, starting from the very basics, and slowing moving up to more advanced concepts.

Frugality And Saving

Just how it's important to make your money work for you to become wealthy, it's just as important to save. Frugality is a mindset, and can help you quickly achieve your financial goals. We have a quick primer to help you get started.

FIRE- Financial Independence, Retire Early

FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It's a life philosophy that helps individuals retire much earlier than the traditional retirement ages of 58-60 by careful financial management, smart investing, and frugal living. Start here:

What Is Financial Independence?

Saving And Investing: The Two Sides Of The Financial Independence Coin

Why Become Financially Independent At All?

What's The Financially Independent Lifestyle Like?