Stock Market Courses

This is MoneyNama's free collection of courses to begin investing in the stock markets. The learning material is divided into modules. These modules make logical sense if read in the order listed below, starting from the very basics, and gradually moving to more advanced topics.

1. The 9-Minute Guide To The Stock Markets

If you know absolutely nothing about the stock markets, this is the place to start. A quick, 5-article guide to the very basics.

2. The Stock Market Mindset: Setting Expectations

Bust some myths about the stock markets, and prepare yourself for the risks and rewards that stock market investing can entail.

3. Stock Market Investing: Getting Started

Learn what's a broker, what makes stock prices go up and down, and the difference between trading and investing.

4. Stock Market Investing: The Building Blocks

Learn concepts you'll need to master before starting your stock market journey -- IPOs, how indexes work, and all about short selling.