Why Become Financially Independent At All?

There are plenty of reasons why one would want to be financially independent — it means not having a regular 9-5 job, not being answerable to clients, not worrying about your next paycheck. But apart from the obvious benefits of being financially independent, there’s one that’s not talked about enough — living life on your own terms.

Living life on your own terms

Since the dawn of humankind, most people have lived much of their lives at the mercy of others. Early tribesmen deferred to the tribe chieftain or leader, who held sway over what roles you were assigned or how you spent your time. In the agricultural age, most land was owned by lords or monarchs, and serfs tilled it for subsistence wages. In the industrial age, the vast majority of people were employed in factories with torrid living conditions and little chance of escape.

During these transitions, the lifestyle of the average human being has improved tremendously. From being at the mercy of wind and snow during the stone age, to being able to afford cars and machines in the industrial age, humanity has come a long way.  In fact, things are even better now — with iPhones and Twitter and Snapchat and 100s and types of breakfast cereal, humans have never had it so good. But one aspect has remained constant — most people’s lives are still controlled by someone else, much like their prehistoric brethren.

Whether it’s an unreasonable boss, an employer which pushes you too hard, or the constraints of a mortgage, humans still lead their lives determined by other people. If they want to take a few days off work, they must first check with their companies; if they want to take a loan, they might build a good credit score. Even the smallest decision — such as deciding to sleep in on a Monday — requires approval from people who exercise power over them.

This, of course, is less than ideal. Humans have been hard at work for centuries to improve each others’ lives — John Logie Baird didn’t invent the television for you to be told you couldn’t watch it during working hours. But even after all these years of progress, all these inventions, space flight, wireless communication, and slip-on sneakers, humans still lead lives that tha regulated by someone else. One last frontier thus remains for humanity — to break free.

Breaking free doesn’t mean being lazy. Breaking free doesn’t mean not working hard, and doing as you please. What breaking free means is living life on your own terms. It means working on projects you enjoy. It means never taking a loan, and never being the the mercy of loan providers. It means quickly building up a asset pool which can take care of regular expenses, allowing you to focus on things that are really important. It means being financially independent.

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